Welcome to the world of DragonShades

A world in which I present myself within my art form to you.

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I am Louise, a lover of nature, a lover of people. An artist.

Welcome to Dragonshades, an art form, where nature meets art.

I was born and raised in Scotland, in my element, walking the beach early morning, at one with my senses, absorbed in the sounds, sights and scents. In the distance were islands, nearby, rocks. Tiny sculptures in the form of shells and sea-creatures.
This upbringing so close to nature made me appreciate that life is an exploration filled with a myriad of wonder.

This wonder I want to bring to you.

Dragonshades is a unique form of art and photography which allows me to show you my world as you see it.

Dragonshades is a series of photos that I take daily. I shoot them through a bottle so that the image becomes obscure, the image becomes art. Dragonshades is a place where you can also place yourself. A place where you can enjoy.

X Louise.

P.S A visit to dragonshades is an invitation to enter the hidden world of COLOR

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