Welcome to Dragonshades, where nature meets art.

I was born and raised in Scotland, in my element, walking the beach early morning, at one with my senses, absorbed in the sounds, sights and scents. In the distance were islands, the shapes of which were mimicked in the rocks and pebbles scattered on the shore. Other treasures included tiny sculptures in the form of shells and sea-creatures, dried bones of birds and bleached wood..
This childhood, so close to nature, made me appreciate that life, even in its simplest form, is a landscape filled with a myriad of wonders.

Dragonshades is a unique form of art and photography which allows me to show you the world as you see it.

My camera is like my Third Eye which allows me to focus on detail whilst capturing the big picture. I use the camera intuitively as an extension of myself. Timing is important. We all have memories of the shot we almost took or took a second too late. When creativity flows, no shots are missed.

I carry a camera with me at all times but rarely point it towards myself, preferring to find myself in those things that attract my attention.

A visit to Dragonshades is an Invitation to enter the hidden World of Color and Shape. After a number of years following this path I became even more fascinated by the beneficial effects of viewing abstract and colored shapes.

This focus led me to create my second website https://www.choice.expert which is the place to go to “Train your Brain” to relax, to be inspired and to explore memory and memories.

So dragonshades is the prequel where you can wander around and explore the origins of my observations. In particular, the Blog stands as an example of the creative process which evolved into CHOICE.EXPERT