I started dragonshades out of curiosity.

I think I treated this Blog the way a painter treats an easel. By placing a post on the screen I was then able to take a step back and see what I’d done but from a different angle and with a fresh eye. My first followers came as a great surprise. So focused had I been on my work that I hadn’t realized that other people might be interested too. I was slightly shocked by the idea that by being aware of outside attention I might start adapting what I was doing in order to attract more viewers. But that thought soon passed because I found it impossible to be anyone other than myself.

When I become interested in something, it feels like being drawn into the “world” that something occupies.

The thing that had attracted my attention was color and shortly after I added shape to the exploratory mix.

As a sculptor I had spent a few decades looking at things. My childhood on the West Coast of Scotland gave me the chance to look at things ranging in size from tiny shells to great mountains and curiously formed islands. I would collect pebbles from the beach and by using a shallow bowl or plastic tray filled with water, I could arrange these variously shaped stones to create my own Inner and Outer Hebrides. Looking down on my “islands”, I could imagine that I was a Sea Eagle, swooping high above. Placing the tray on a table I could circumnavigate like a sailor and watch the shapes alter as I viewed them from different angles. Then like a giant I could pick one up and place it in my hand.

Dragonshades always has been about how I see things. Along the way however I became very curious about how you see things.

The result is my new website www.choice.expert

CHOICE.EXPERT is all about You and it offers you the opportunity to explore the way that you interact with color and shape, the colors and shapes that are the building blocks of our World. Color is the most effective way to help you identify and interpret your emotions. Emotions, that are essential to enable us to make the right decisions, the right choices. When you have all the facts and you still don’t know what to do, then the chances are strong that you are not listening to your emotional input. For this you need self-awareness. Self-awareness requires the ability to both observe and interpret your feelings which are expressing themselves as emotions.

I’ll be delighted to hear your reactions to choice.expert.

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